Monday, June 01, 2009

In which an accessory covered completely by a skirt is Special.

I present the following shoe to you as Exhibit A for What is Ridiculous about the Wedding Industry:

This is a "bridal shoe." It is meant to be worn by a bride. Several factors clue you in to this fact:

1. The shoe is advertised in the "bridal" section of the sandal shop at
2. The shoe is ivory, a color worn only at weddings and only by brides, and is likely never to be worn again.
3. The shoe is decorated with bows, flowers, rhinestones, ribbons, and/or glitter in such a fashion that were it not "bridal couture" (a phrase I'm learning to loathe) it would be utterly ridiculous.
4. The shoe is somewhere between impractical and torture device. "Nike Air® technology cushions" or not, only a non-bride could have reached the conclusion that a four-inch stiletto heal is a good idea for a woman who will be on her feet all day in a dress in which she (in all likelihood) cannot breathe, thanks to the equally insightful people who design wedding dresses.
5. The shoe is $428. Because it is special. Because it's Your Day. Because you should get Whatever You Want.