Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hope for tax students

Check it out! Wiki has a whole WikiBook on Federal Income Tax! I love it! Earlier this semester I pored over my casebook's utterly incomprehensible explanation of Alternative Minimum Tax and got more and more confused. Finally in desperation I looked up Alternative Minimum Tax up on Wikipedia just to see if I could figure out what some of the words meant. Within four sentences, I understood what was going on. *sigh* Wikipedia may be derided as open-source and non-authoritative, but at least some of the authors are real people rather than tax law professors.


mel said...

I don't see a section on partnership tax. I assume that's because it's impossible to reduce those rules to English.

The explanations of §§1231 and 1245 actually were helpful. Now I almost understand what my professor has been referring to all semester!

Becca said...

Yes there is!

I was looking at it today trying to figure out what was going on in a case.

mel said...

Thanks. :) I just looked in the WikiBook that you linked to.

Kristin said...

Becca, you need to write me a blurb about the orchestra! I need it tomorrow by noon at the latest....only needs to be a paragraph. Thanks for the tip about WikiTax! :)