Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'll snob YOUR culture!

Rather than hunt down links for last night's AI development, I'll just refer you to Chris Sligh fan site, which covers it pretty comprehensively.

Thoughts of my own:

1. Chris is an amazingly talented singer.

2. Simon needs to get over himself and only offer criticism he can back up with a concrete reason other than what essentially amounts to "You sound like the front man for an indy-rock band." When he said, "You don't have the best voice here..." I was waiting for him to follow up with some actual artistic criticism, like, "You're a little off key," or "You're a little nasal and your voice is thin," or "You're not passionate enough," or "Bad song for your range or timbre." But no. It amounted to, "You're a culture snob and I don't like your genre." Come on, Simon. You're the one who said it's all about the musical ability.

3. Not everyone is going to get Chris's dry sense of humor and he needs to watch that he doesn't come across as too cocky. Also, his retort to Simon, while clever (and deserved), came off as a little defensive. Stay cool, man. WE know you're good, Simon knows you're good, and you know you're good. Don't let him get to you.

4. The judges are behaving like little kids bickering in the back seat of a car on a too-long road trip. Conflict is interesting. Immaturity is just stupid and annoying.


Rhonda said...


It'll be interesting to watch the girls tonight and see if they learned anything from watching the guys last night! Probably not.....

I have my Starbucks, comfy chair and blanket...I'm ready!

Monica said...

To be perfectly honest, I think the girls blew the guys out of the water. If the competition had ended Wednesday night, that last girl should have walked away with the prize. She's amazing!

steve-o-meter said...

Hey there! Thank you so much for linking to our site :-)

It is highly appreciated!!

Becca said...

You bet, Steve-o-meter. It's a well done site, and I hate to duplicate your good work there.