Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On the greener side

Every now and then people get some little obsession. Mine are often random and vary in duration from an afternoon to months.

My latest kick: I want a bike. I haven't really had a workable bike in years. When we lived in Nagoya, we didn't have a car; we rode bikes and used public transit. Yesterday I borrowed a bike to head a couple blocks off campus. Fun! And efficient. It took less time to get there than it takes me to walk from the student parking lot to the law school. I have several profs who bike to work, some at quite a distance. Some in other cities are discovering that it can be done, even though American communities are usually designed with the automobile in mind. Of course, that article is set in southern California. Indiana has winter.

HT to Ryan on the article, and on the use of his bike.

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mel said...

That article is really interesting.

I've noticed a proliferation of bicycles on campus this year (in fact, I was almost run over by one this morning--some idiot on one was turning into the exit of a parking lot), and I think it will be interesting to see if it keeps up when it starts getting cold.