Monday, September 15, 2008

Grab a paddle.

From WNDU:

New all time records were set for rainfall this weekend in Michiana:

Friday rain: 0.23"

Saturday rain: 6.58" (all-time record....the rainiest day ever!)

Sunday rain: 4.07" (record for the date)

3 Day total: 10.88" (this beats the rainiest month 3 days!)

September rain so far: 13.65" (record for any month...the rainiest month ever)

The old monthly record for South Bend was June of 1993 when we had 10.86" of rain. We have now obliterated that number in the first 14 days of September, 2008. But, the incredible part is that we beat the old record in only 3 days...Sept. 12, 13, 14, 2008.

Props to the Fighting Irish for pulling off a very exciting win over Michigan in what turned out to be half a football game and half a mud-wrestling match. You guys are troopers!


mel said...

Wow. Was this hurricane-related rain? We had 75 mph wind gusts here in Louisville yesterday, but no rain.

Becca said...

The hurricane leftovers didn't get here until Sunday afternoon. The rest of it was just a big front moving through I think. I was glad I chose to watch the game on TV from nearby. My friends in the stadium were wetter than water itself!