Thursday, February 09, 2006

liter fare

If you haven't the time or taste for the discussion below, try this on for size! Gillette has just introduced a new razor with five (6 if you count the extra one on the back for those "tough to reach" spots) blades. 6 blades?!! I'm a one or two blade man, myself. I have used the tri-blade Mach 3 on occasion but 6? Is this going to far? Or is it a great advance for men everywhere who need to get those "tough to reach" spots? Blog away.


Monkey Lung said...

I think there are important questions related to ethical business practice here. Is the ever-escalating number of razor blades really just the shaving industry's form of planned obselence? I received a free Mach 3 razor on my 18th birthday. I was legitimately excited. It was sleek, it was new, and there was something distinctly masculine about it. This type of philosophy pervades razor advertising. There is no need for subliminal messages, they go ahead and send a completely libinal (or libidal) one. "Use our razor and pretty women will worship you." So you embrace this shiny new affirmation of your manhood and use it till the blade runs out and then go to the store only to find out that the replacement tri-blade costs more than the razor itself. The price only escalates for the four- and now five-blade models (which of course are inherently more manly and girl-a-magnetic than the three-blade version). Its malicious, its deceitful, but most of all its stupid. How many more blades can realistically fit in the same amount of space? Will the razor eventually become a solid sheet of metal, two swipes with which succeeds in shaving an entire face with a closeness and smoothness that makes women planets away swoon with each stroke? No. I draw the line here, Gillette. Five blades is not "the best a man can get." Its absurd, and this kind of reckless escalation needs to stop before someone puts an eye out with one of those things.

Becca said...

I don't know. I always consider how many blades are on a man's razor in evaluating him. A common phrase among girls: "Oh, him? Yeah, I'll bet he's a two-blade man!" (*derisive giggling*)

Monkey Lung said...

Hey, now! Contrary to what Gillette and their manipulating marketeers would have you believe, a man who get by with one or two blades is a man to be reckoned with. It requires tough skin and an even tougher man, not like these five-blade fools who need a more sensitive shave not to upest their boyish visage.

Peter said...

I wish I could shave with a straight-edge razor.

However, until I grow a pair and spring $100-something for one, I'm thrilled with my new Gillette Fusion Power. It's awesome! If you haven't tried it, don't bad-mouth it.

At this point, one blade is "the best a man can get." But if you're not willing to risk slitting your own throat, then it's the Fusion.

Monica said...

Personally, it's not the banal marketing that bugs me so much as the quality difference between men's and women's razors. I've never yet found a designated women's razor that didn't strip the skin off my legs, but when I stole my brother's Mach 3 Turbo (he didn't need it for his two little chin hairs), I knew I had found THE ONE. It was a match made to last.

Four, five, six blades--eh, I knew it was coming from the time I saw the first commercial for the tri-blade. Goofy, but then not so very different from the way car manufacturers advertise horsepower in a car. Since every girl can instantly tell from seeing or hearing a car how many horses are running around in there. And since they care too.

Becca's idea of a bunch of girls sitting around figuring out how many blades are on a guy's razor does kind of remind me of the boxer v. briefs commercials. Remeber those? With Michel Jordan? Now that does produce a snicker. :-)