Friday, February 03, 2006

Restore International

Tuesday Notre Dame's Christian Legal Society sponsored Restore International's founder Bob Goff to come in and speak. Wow. I'd breathlessly tell you about what he does, but maybe you should just read about it at their website. Apparently he's not opposed to hiring interns... To me the neatest thing about meeting him was seeing his drive. He totally loves what he does, even though it's absolutely crazy. "Crazy" doesn't have to mean "impossible," just "unconventional." A lot of people probably thought he was throwing his legal education away when he started doing this, but I submit that he just started really using it.

Update: My mother just alerted me that the link in this post didn't work. It should be fixed now. Thanks.

Speaking of the link, a little "directed exploring" might be in order. The site includes job descriptions, including one for advocate (their term for lawyer).


mel said...

That sounds awesome. I'm glad that there are people using their legal education for purposes other than getting rich. =)

Does Restore International have a specific religious affiliation?

Becca said...

To my knowledge it has no religious affiliation. They try not to smell too overtly religious because it makes their job a whole lot easier to be strictly secular/human interest (at least on paper). Now, it is my understanding that its employees are Christian, but I imagine (though I do not know yet) they are of a variety of stripes united by a common interest.

Becca said...

I take that back. The org is Christian, but non-denominational. I know they try to downplay that a bit in India, and they do not actively "proselytize" as an org, whatever they may do as individuals. They just let their light so shine before men, that they may see their good works, and glorify their Father which is in heaven. That's much harder for a Hindu country to object to.

mel said...

Thanks. I thought that a few things on their website sounded Christian, but couldn't find anything specific... it makes sense that they wouldn't want to be too vocal about it.