Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More from abroad

Please welcome on the right bar Doosan 1803, the blog of my former schoolmate Delaura Talbert. Look there for adventures of an American teaching 6th grade at a Christian school in South Korea.

Note also that you will find a similar plot line at Dancing Through Life (Joanna's blog). Best to you both, girls! Wish I could be there.


Delaura said...

Hey thanks! And I am so glad I finally found where you do your blogage! Very cool! I shall now constantly comment and re-comment.

Becca said...

Welcome! Comment away. My stat counter tells me I have readers, but they are either shy or bored (most likely the latter) and rarely leave a trace of their visits.

mel said...

Not bored--just have nothing valuable to contribute to the conversation, most of the time. (Hey, I've got to save something to say on my own blog!) :)