Monday, August 21, 2006

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.

To all my classmates, and to students everywhere, welcome back to school. To those who love (or merely tolerate) the students in their lives, my sympathies for you. Indulge our self-centeredness for a couple of weeks, then kindly kick us back into perspective.

Sorry for the sparse posting this summer; I've been happily crabby and unsociable for much of it, and my interactive skills need a little dusting. Hopefully new classes and discussion with my ever-brilliant colleagues will spark more regular posting in the coming months. Look for musings on Family Law, Education Law, and maybe even a little Tax Law (I'll try hard to keep those at least vaguely relevent to "normal" people).

Oh, did anyone notice that the Notre Dame football team is ranked No. 3 (tied with USC) this year?

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mel said...

Woohoo--tax law! :)