Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Foundation

First: A word about blogs.

Blogging is frequently criticized on the ground that it is inherently self-centered to expect the world to read and care about one's daily life and thoughts. I too have engaged in such criticism. However, upon reflection, I am not sure that the charge is entirely fair. Constantly talking about oneself is equally self-centered and annoying, yet few denounce conversation wholesale. I think the analogy is apt; blogging, like conversation, is not wholly tasteless if it is used appropriately. Let us hope I am right. If you disagree, please save us all some annoyance and don't read my blog.

Second: A word about the title.

I was intrigued to find that in Greek, Matthew 5:7 reads roughly, "Blessed are the merciful, because they will be mercied." My Greek scholar friends may take issue with my rudimentary understanding of the language, but I like it. May I be worthy of its promise.

Third: Ground rules.

In light of point one above, I think it fair to establish some parameters. I would hope this blog (like any good conversation) is not all about me. That's not very interesting. I will feel free to share thoughts, impressions, and some interesting happenings that naturally arise from a personal viewpoint, but I would like to keep the focus more broad then that. Accordingly, feel free not to confine your comments (which I welcome) to my perspective. However, when commenting, please keep it appropriate for family viewing. No personal attacks (possible exemption of political figures -- if they are fair game for the media), and please respect your friends, your host (me), and your Creator.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becca,
Thanks for the link! It'll be nice to get your thoughts. Hope it's not too cold! Love, Aunt Rhonda

Monica said...

Becca! Welcome to blogdom. :- ) It's good to have such exalted company. I love your title. Can I put your blog on my blog?


Becca said...

Link away, Monica. Notice I linked yours without asking. (I feel like part of a bff club or something!)

Monica said...

You know it! Now that we have blogs, we really can rule the world. Queen and Empress. Everything else can be left to the local riffraff.

mel said...

Hey Becca,

I was excited to find out that you have a blog! I like to read blogs written by people who actually have something intelligent to say. :) Can't wait for you and Monica to rule the world!