Sunday, November 20, 2005

On a far less intellectual note, Monkey Lung sent me this oh-so-helpful guide to Homestarrunner (to which you'll find a link on this page right along with the BJU and NDLaw websites). It was so fabulously comprehensive it was too good not to share. I publish it for your edification:

To begin: Upon typing the URL in your browser you are directed to a picture of Homestar and a choice of coming on in (which randomly selects one of the many main pages for your viewing pleasure) or watching the intro (which is perhaps funnier after becoming better acquainted with Homestar). Note that below this picture are a number of options including "sb emails" which are present beneath every page. This link is one of the few places on the site where you can directly link to Strongbad Emails, the primary purpose of coming to the site.

The mainpage: As I am sure you have discovered by now the mainpage contains the classic links that Homestar iterates for you as you highlight them and some sort of antic ensues on the variable backdrop. It's quite fun to run your mouse quickly over these links as this causes the various antics to take place simultaneously and much hilarity ensues. Pale at the bottom left corner of the screen are the numbers 1-23 which link you to the various mainpages in existence. This can keep you busy for sometime. In the top-left corner is the museum link which directs you to historical files about the site. Did you know Homestarrunner started as a children's book? If you have not already done so you should click on the "First time here?" link to the right. This is essential. The rotating current events above this are self explanatory as are the lettered links at the top of the page. The "r" for random toon is a great for a quick fix.

Toons: This is the only link from the main page with enough content to warrant directed exploration.

Big Toons: All of these are worth your time. Most are self contained and do not require any previous experience. Exceptions are: "Shopping for Danger" and "Parsnips a Plenty"

Shorts: These are much more numerous and most of them are related to running themes you'll get to later. Start at the bottom. The essentials:
Strong Bad Sings
Fluffy Puff Commercial
The Interview
The System is Down (see sb emails "techno" and "tape-leg"
Lookin at a Thing in a Bag

Powered by the Cheat: self-explanatory, The Cheat authors his own stuff, see sb email "mile" first. Important: watch sb email "i love you" and then watch "Everybody to the Limit"

Teen Girl Squad: I highly reccomend this portion of the site. Watch the issues in order but watch sb email "comic" first.

Strong Bad E-mails: This is where it all happens. Start at the bottom and enjoy.

Answering Machine: Audio messages left for Marzipan, very funny, just click the buttons on the machine

Trogdor: If you do not know about Trogdor you are not a Homestarrunner fan. Watch sb email "dragon." You may then choose to watch sb email "video games" followed by shorts "Peasant's Quest Preview" and "Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer"

I will leave you to discover the rest on your own. Wikipedia has a VERY extensive reference if you would like to learn more. The site caters to regular viewers and for this reason it is essential to watch the e-mails in order. Have fun not studying!

[Editor's note: The subject line aptly stated "warning: you do not have time for this." I repeat the warning and claim no responsibility for any loss of time resulting from this post.]


Monica said...


Oh, please make it stop! The laughter is too much. It's just too funny. This is one of the all time best ways to waste time (except, of course, spending time on Becca's or my blogs :- )).

wondertwin said...

The first time I visited, (that was back when there were only 60 emails or so), I watched everything straight though. It took a few hours to get through all of the content, but it was soooo worth it!

I would have to say that... yeah, it's a bad site to find out about during final study time... heh