Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 all the 1L's at Notre Dame take their first Final Exam. It's Legal Research, and it's 100% of our grades. Dum dum dummmm!! If you need me, I'll be stuck in a Bluebook somewhere trying to figure out how to cite a statute to both the U.S.C. and its pocket part. Or how to update a digest... Who came up with this system!? When I grow up, I'm only using WestLaw.

Many thanks to you in my study group who keep me entertained and at least sometimes marginally informed. Thanks also to Thomas for not squishing Peter in the small compact storage units. That would have been gross and it would have been hard to get Peter off the NE Digest set for years to come (since they're only published every HOW often? I think I'm gonna need a couple pencils...


The Bard said...

No worries on squishing Peter. The only people who would ever know are next year's 1L class when they do their research assingments, or poor flunkies on law journals who have to look at a hard copy of the Reporters for their cite checking. No one else will ever go down to the Compact Storage. And by the time that happens, most of the blood will be dried.

Still, it would be a bummer for him. Having narrowly escaped adding the contents of my skull to the legal library once myself, I can sympathize with his fears.

Oh--and about that exam? _See_ the title of this blog.

Becca said...

Hey, it wasn't so bad! Thanks to you who prayed for me. Thanks to David for reviewing with me--that was super-helpful. One down!