Monday, March 20, 2006

New York City

Trust me, the St. Patrick's Day Parade is going on somewhere behind me. Poor guys. It was cold.

Chris and Monica in Central Park. Awsome to see old friends, even if they are married :-). I've very much missed being able to run down to Monica's room for a girl chat at 10:50 and sneak back past the RA's at 11:01.

Ground Zero. They're going to start building on it soon. It's a little eerie to see this gaping hole in the middle of all the buildings.


Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures from Carnegie Hall?

Becca said...

Well, technically we weren't allowed to have cameras inside the hall. I did take one in (before I knew) and snapped a couple, but they are pretty fuzzy. They had a professional photographer there and pictures and a DVD will be made available to us later.

Monica said...

I must add that the concert went really well and that Becca did a fantastic job, as usual. :-) We had more fun than any four people ought to be allowed to have. :-)

Becca, can you shoot me some of those pics so that I can post them too?