Monday, October 02, 2006

School safety crisis?

Does anybody know what's up with all the school shootings? Sometimes there's a rash of related news stories just because a certain type of story becomes popular, and it doesn't necessarily mean that type of event wasn't happening before. But school shootings are ALWAYS big news, so I don't think they were happening and just going unreported. It's getting crazy. Just in the last couple weeks we had a guy open fire in a Montreal college, and then another creep takes hostages and shoots a girl in Colorado. Now there's a shooting in (of all places) an Amish one-room school. What's going wrong? What will be the response? Were I a betting person, I'd put money on Congress donning the white hero hat and passing some high-toned bill mandating new safety measures on pain of losing federal funding. I'm skeptical that some broad "safety measures" legislation is going to be terribly effective, but what would make schools safer? I think it could be agreed that there is a serious problem that desperately needs to be addressed, but how?

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mel said...

I'd put money on your being right about Congress.