Monday, January 23, 2006

Amusing link of the day

If you're looking for a laugh and have the time to get engrossed, Improv Everywhere is probably one of the funniest sites I've seen in a good while. Truly inspiring.

Hat tip: Kyle.

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Monkey Lung said...

Ok so I'm spending WAY too much time at this website. Reminds me of a TV show I used to watch where they did similar things. The main guy on the show would ask people to hold a bag for him and then leave and not come back or dress in a trench coat and carry a brief case which he would offer to random people in the park after asking "Are you number 17?" All the people would refuse him and he would leave followed a few minutes later by a gentleman wearing a trenchcoat with the number 17 printed on the back. One of my favorite gags was when they dressed up in an old fashioned two-person animal costume that looked like a bull and walked into a china shop. The visual was just too much!