Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Devotions for the Poor

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I can't help but notice how often treatment of the poor comes up in the Bible, so I decided to start this project to try to collect verses on the topic. The project has a couple of purposes. First, it is meant to help give an overview of how God feels about the poor and what we should do about that. Second, it is meant to be an accountability tool for me. My goal this year is to read the entire Bible. I placed markers at the beginning of Genesis, I Samuel, Ezra, Isaiah, and Matthew. Five days a week I'll choose three chapters to read, and twice a week I'll read four. The markers are in different places to provide some flexibility, so I don't get discouraged reading nothing but Deuteronomy for a month. As I come across verses that apply to this project, the idea is that I post them here. If I haven't posted in a while, that means either (a) all my markers are in geneology sections, or (b) my priorities have slipped out of place and I'm not keeping up with reading. Feel free to gently remind me by email or comment should this happen.


mel said...

I like your method of reading through the Bible. I did it once using a schedule that was extremely frustrating because of the "I've been reading Leviticus forever" problem, and started to do it again using a MacArthur Daily Bible, which prints a passage each from the O.T., N.T., Psalms, and Proverbs for each day. That's frustrating because it's too much variety--you don't get a good grasp on the context of any of the passages when it's so chopped up like that. Maybe I'll try your method.

Becca said...

I'll let you know how it goes. (Well, I guess you'll kind of know by how often I post...) Of course, no method will always be easy. I guess that's what the whole "discipline" thing is about. Nice to have some accountability, though.