Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Back home in sunny Florida. People say it's cold, and I'll grant them that the dampness makes it a bit chilly, but it's definitely on a different scale--no wrapping up like an Eskimo every time you leave your house. Yesterday was upper 60' (not to brag).

I missed my Public Radio station. I must say, WUSF is one of the finer NPR stations. The one in South Bend seems to do a lot of interviews with local folks, which would be cool if they had some expertise on their topic, or even something interesting to say. But they don't, so it's not really. The station in Greenville had Polka Hour. Need we say more?


Joanna said...

Thanks for the let's see if I can keep it up. By all means - link away!


Monica said...

Just for the record, I liked Polka Hour. Where else could you hear more than one accordion at a time, or indeed, any accordions at all?