Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Went to help Lorraine with planning and preparing to turn the "extra room" into a nursery. Oh, the themes one could choose... Trains, horses, frogs, ducks, yellow, blue, green... Where does one start? Well, usually by cleaning out the closet. Where does all that stuff we all seem to own come from? The wrapping paper we can never find when we need it (so we always buy a new roll), the craft materials we haven't touched in years but bought with such good intentions, the old linens and clothes that we really have no need for (and would probably want new even if we did) but are still perfectly good and too nice to get rid of... It's possible that an overabundance of closets in houses will be the downfall of our civilization because of all the extra stuff they breed.


Joanna said...

So they decided to find out eh? Or have you somehow become omniscient? That ought to make decorating easier right?

Anonymous said...

What everyone needs is a wonderful sister-in-law to give incentive and guidance. You are a wonderful daughter to help Mom stock the freezer, too.